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Night Sides

Image - Night Sides

Photo: Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty

A thick fog draped in drone blankets all vision. I close my eyes and dream.

Night Sides invites you in, to an intimate abstraction of sound and emotion with layers of subtle melody and sparse vocals.

Recordings throughout the winter of 2012 by Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty.

Night Sides EP


Image - Night Sides - Cover

Self-titled debut EP of solo recording project Night Sides. Recorded and mixed by ZKG in Montreal 2012. Album Art by ZKG.

Clear cassettes printed with white silk-screen ink in clear plastic cases with black and white covers.

Limited to 50 copies.

"Night Sides operates mainly in shadowed isolation, draped in drone—melodies subtle and vocals sparse—making the late appearence of a timeless cover especially satisfying." —Stadiums & Shrines

  • Side A
  • 1. Nevada
  • 2. Hunny
  • 3. Shadows
  • 4. Lesson 1

  • Side B
  • 1. Blue Light
  • 2. December
  • 3. Dream
  • 4. Sleepwalk
  • 5. Lullaby


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